When buying on the Internet and by telephone, the Distance and Home Sales Act applies. Therefore, as a consumer, you have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days. The condition is that you have not consumed the product or that the service has been performed.

Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå starts processing the order immediately after booking. Therefore, goods and services are considered consumed in connection with confirmation of booking. However, we at Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå care about our customers and our reputation, so we try as much as possible to help our customers to rebook funerals. What is decisive for whether we can offer rebookings or not is if the time frames are available. At short notice, rebookings can be difficult.

Terms and conditions of Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå

What applies when you order through us?

  • Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå (muslimernasbegravningsbyra.com) does not enter into agreements with persons under 18 years of age.
  • Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå (muslimernasbegravningsbyra.com) reserves the right to refuse an order.
  • In the event of any false orders or other attempted fraud, the matter will be reported to the police. Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå reserves the right to transfer or pledge any invoice to another creditor.
  • As a purchaser of a funeral service, you have the responsibility for payment in the event that there is no money in the deceased bank account, or if the deceased bank account is declared bankrupt. However, Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå has the right to demand payment directly from the client in the event that payment is not made within the proposed time.